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In this new building 11 guestrooms unified by a common stair/elevator core were planned. An underground level will have 18 parking places.

The site plan was designed to provide a volumetric equilibrium and taking in consideration the street’s construction guidelines. Therefore the building found its place in the central area, providing space in the perimeter for some functional zones such as maintenance, entertainment, sport and playgrounds for children.

The architectural proposal is a three-element composition with a central, transparent and light volume that links the southern and northern cubic volumes. In the central section the glass divisions resemble Jurmala’s traditional architectonic and artisanal details. The building’s detailed partitions want to be integrated as much as possible with the surrounding buildings and the environmental diversity.

The building composition allows the inclusion of a majestic pine tree creating the perfect place for the entrance to the building. The three basic materials selected for the facades are: concrete, glass and wood elements.

Authors: A.Kronbergs, A.Snitko, V.Uzors, J.Vizulis, A.Armane, K.Sulcs, E.Mikelsons, A.Alksnins, A.Dzenis

Photo: A.Kleinbergs