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Sketch project presented in 2010 for the “Regionala Investiciju Bank" office building in 15 Grostona Street, Riga.

The resulting building  shows that the main idea was to create a simple form –cube- with the most proper situation on the lot by taking in consideration weather conditions (movement of the sun, luminosity and facade’s overheating) and functional requirements.

The building’s south and east facades are slightly inclined forward to reduce the angle of the rays against its surfaces and therefore solar overheating.

The north and west facades are rotated 45 degrees northwest to position them to a better light stream.

A great diversity in all facades result from these basic solutions.

The building, whose spatial rotation respond to specific climate conditions and construction requirements, also meets the cities’ building plan goals – have an interactive, recognizable and easy to notice structure in the urban landscape.

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Architects: Andris Kronbergs, Raimonds Saulitis, Ivo Kalvelis

Technical Architects: Andris Dzenis, Andis Alksnins, Eriks Mikelsons, Kristaps Sulcs, Uldis Jaunsubrens