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The goal of the presented proposal was to show a unified, functional, clearly zoned and a completely integrated complex easily defined from the space of the city and the nearby park, which is possible to enlarge in the future creating a connection with the building of the Latvian Art Academy and its park’s outdoor area.

The idea was to generate a LINK:

-between the collection of art and the art craver;

-between the “classicists” and the “new”;

-between the masters and the amateurs;

-between the sense reinforce and its display to the institutions and the public outdoor space.

The proposal clearly defines two parts:

-the reconstruction of the existing building with permanent exhibition areas and accessible public spaces (also a section of the roof-floor);

-the addition of a new volume in the area of the park for itinerant exhibitions, service areas and a group of public spaces.


Architects: Andris Kronbergs, Vilnis Uzors, Janis Zvejnieks, Raimonds Saulitis, Anita Snitko, Alvis Janelis, Jurgis Vizulis, Madara Eisaka.

Technical Architects: Kristaps Sulcs, Paulis Gibze, Girts Kula, Janis Pinkis, Simona Ozola, Andis Alksnins, Uldis Jaunsubrens, Eriks Mikelsons, Andris Dzenis