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The previous project for an observation tower was redesigned in the year 2008 and relocated in the Park DZINTARU in Jurmala.  The original project, whose author was Architect A. Kleinbergs in collaboration with technical architect A. Gorodnicijs, was located in the natural Park RAGAKAPA.

The site plan and territorial development was realized by the company SUBSTANCE, author of the reconstruction project in the Park DZINTARU.

The height of the tower is 36,5m and the upper platform guarantees the view over the sea, the city of Jurmala and even the towers and high buildings of Riga.

The structure of the observation tower is made of galvanized metal profiles, pine wood trusses treated with protective coats and industrial produced metallic grids which help the integration with the surrounding environment.

The comfortable stair, whose treads are made of metallic grids, has 203 risers that take the visitor to the platform at 33.5m of height. Along the way upstairs, 12 balconies on the four facades are built allowing the visitor to observe the park from different heights.

The observation tower is going to be open to the public on May 2010.

Architects: ArnisKleinbergs, Ieva Stale

Photos: Arnis Kleinbergs