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The existing building is located next to the A7 Highway which connects the capital city Riga with Bauska.

In the lot stands a construction divided into three recognizable parts: the 2-story central volume covered with bricks and two lateral, metallic, hangar- type constructions.

Both hangars are destined to house the exhibition areas while the central volume will have the main entrance, the vestibule and the ticket stand, information counter, office areas, restrooms and a conference area on the second floor.

It is planned to preserve the existing volumes restoring its facades and interior spaces. The existing main entrance is removed from the lateral hangar and placed in the central section of the building.

The end façade of the hangar facing A7 Highway will have a special detail: its surface will be covered with tires of different shapes and sizes as an attraction point for drivers.


Architects: A. Kleinbergs, J. Zvejnieks, K. Klisane

Technical architects: G. Kula, J. Pinkis