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This medium-sized territory has some developing guidelines or determinants: two existing 18th-20thcentury wooden constructions, a 20thcentury 5-story building still placed on the lot and a master plan’s permitted 10-story volume.

The restoration work includes a cheese factory built in the thirties with some small sheds and communist-era-constructions, a 20th century wooden construction that served as office area of the factory and a 19th century house which is still inhabited.

The new complex includes hotel, residential and commercial uses, public transport and underground parking. The former cheese factory is going to be restored maintaining its facades and spatial configuration.

The inner open yard is preserved. The existing constructions’ plans are redesigned transforming them into residential and office buildings. Some lofts are going to be added adapting them to the new mentioned functions and character of the complex. The new lofts on the existing roof tops will follow nowadays architecture and language, trying this way to be consistent with the new building’s silhouette.


Architect Andris Kronbergs

Technical Architects: Ivars Brediks and Kristaps Sulcs