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The idea of the project was to integrate the 2-story shopping mall’s functional requirements with a dynamic, long and flexible façade that reminds a common belt.

The ‘active’ surface of the façade responds to the dynamic surroundings (‘Salu Tilts’ Bridge and a busy transport network) and could be easily identified from distant points of the city.

The Daugava River, which runs along the entire country as a long ribbon, inspired the architects to create the sinuous form of the facades.

The dynamic character of the building is accentuated by the use of multicolored metallic sheets in the facades. The selected colors - grey, white, light blue and black - come from native costume motifs.

The illumination at night makes more impressive the facades’ irregular and sinuous lines.

Total area - 95 000m2

Covered parking places (3 levels) - 1 500 vehicles

Project 2002-2006

Construction 2007-2009


Architects: A.Kronbergs, D.Gravere, V.Uzors and B.Bula

Technical Architects: U.Jaunsubrens, K.Sulcs and E.Mikelsons

Interior design conception: A.Kronbergs and B.Hofenberg

Photos by Indrikis Sturmanis