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Expansion of the existing passenger terminal and new departing passenger registration area (6th Phase) of Riga International AirportExpansion of the existing passenger terminal (5th Phase) of Riga International AirportExpansion of the passenger terminal of “Riga International Airport”Second World War museum in Gdansk, PolandCompetition proposal for a kindergarten in 6 Tallinas St., RigaMemorial park “Destiny Garden” in Koknese, Krievkalna isle. Mulitfunctional buildingRigas District Court building in 207 Brivibas Street, RigaProposal for a block and its adjacent area in 12a/14 Miera St.Regional Multifunctional centre MARA MUZA in RezekneNew guest house in 26 Juras St., Jurmala (Sketch project)Apartment building in Lucavsala, RigaReconstruction proposal for the RADISSON SAS DAUGAVA HOTELShopping and entertainment center RIGA PLAZA between Mukusalas St. and Biekensalas St., RigaProposal for the development “Business center Daugava” in 3 Balasta Dambis, Kipsala, RigaConcert Hall GRAND VERANDA, RigaProposal for a Hotel development in Kipsala, RigaMultifunctional bulding in Grecinieku Str. 25Development proposal for 203 Brivibas Gatve Av., RigaReconstruction and addition of a residence, district of SalacgrivasMixed type commercial and residential complex sketch at 11 Balasta dambis, RigaBuilding with apartments-for-rent in 50 Dzintaru Prospekts St., JurmalaConcert- Hall "Sound of Dune"Monument in Preili„Regionala investiciju banka” bank office building in 15 Grostonas Street, Riga13-Apartment building in 13 Palidzibas Street, RigaMultifunctional building in 44 Brivibas St., RigaMultistorey residential building with commercial premises on 131 Brivibas St., RigaPrivate house in Cesis, Atputas str.Multifunctional complex in 187 Brivibas street, Riga - Conference and SPA hotel "Meriton" (1st phase)„Regionala investiciju banka” bank office building in 15 Grostonas Street, RigaRestoration of a Factory and addition of a new wing in Rupniecibas St., RigaTower in the Raga duneAddition to the VIP complex of Riga International AirportMultifunctional complex in 187 Brivibas Str., Riga - Residental building (2nd phase)Proposal for the reconstruction and an addition of the Latvian National Museum of Art in 10a K. Valdemara Street, RigaReconstruction and new building for a Maritime Museum in 55/56 ‘Veca Ostmala’ Harbour, LiepajaMultifunctional building complex located between Brivibas, Etnas and Maza Klijanu streets, RigaNew bridge JT-26 in Ķīpsala, RigaDevelopment proposal for the area located on 13 E.B.Upisa St. and the adjoin territoryOffice building on the parcel between Marija, Satekle and Elizabetes streets, RigaDevelopment proposal in Ganibu Dambis St.Building complex "Vertical gardens" in ĶīpsalaOffice building, 34 Maskavas street, RigaDevelopment proposal for the public outdoor areas of the new business center in the south sector of KipsalaMultifunctional complex in Riga, between Antonijas, Dzirnavu, Strelnieku and Melngaila St., Riga"RBS Skals" office building in ĶīpsalaMultifunctional complex in 1 Balasta Dambis St., RigaMultifunctional building in 83A Terbatas Street, RigaApartment building with an office in 15 Kugu street, RigaProject for a new residential building and the restoration of a historical building in Kandava St. 4/6 in RigaDevelopment proposal for territory in Riga, Hanzas str.14bRADIO SWH Office building in Skanstes St.‘Smilsuhalle’ Sport and Entertainment ComplexProposal for a development on a territory in 10b Kengaraga Street, RigaOffice center in the region of Babite, RigaMulti – functional building “Plaza centrs” at 71 Mūksalas St, RīgaMultifunctional building in Lacplesa St. 112, RigaThe Green ClassroomSingle-family type-home in Saliena’s community, district of BabitePrivate house in Zaku St. 3, Jurmala, LatviaPrivate houses in "Kalnatari" and "Dižatari"Multifunctional Building Complex in the territory of 3 Kalnciema Street, 5 Kalnciema Street and 2 Ergelu StreetBuilding reconstruction in Sigulda, Gulbju str.4Reconstruction of a private residence in 36 Melluzu Prospekts, JurmalaReconstruction of the subsidiary of the Riga’s Motor Museum in BauskaApartment building with submerged parking in Unijas St., RigaMultifunctional commercial and recreational centre “Eksi- Pļavnieki” at 13/13a Katlakalna , RigaMultifunctional bulding in K. Barona Str. 73, RigaOffice and residential building in 4 Grecinieku Street, RigaSupermarket „Madara-89” in SmilteneNew private house in 11A Miera Street, JurmalaMultifunctional cultural complex „Lāčplēsis” at Krasta streetSketches for a guesthouseOffice and Technology center in 444 Maskavas str., RigaResidential building in Miera St. 55/57, RigaPrivate and householder residences on Doles Island, Salaspils regionMultifunctional, commercial /residential and recreational centre "Botanix" at 21/23 Jūrmalas gate/Konsula Str.,RīgaResidential complex in Purvciems, RigaVacation house in a community by the sea

This proposal analyzes the different sceneries for the block taking in consideration the principles stated in the developement plans.

The development schemes show the possibilities for the construction of a perimetrical building between Miera St., Brivibas St. and Palidzibas St.

Along Miera St., where small scale buildings are aligned, the new structure is going to respect and preserve the street’s building character having higher constructions at the end of the block.

Respecting these building regulations the proposal acquires a unique, integrated character commonly seen in Riga’s historical center buildings.


Architects: A. Kronbergs, R. Saulitis, D. Gravere

Sketch project authors:

Architects: A. Kronbergs, D. Gravere, I. Kalvelis

Technical architects: A. Armane