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In Liepaja, close to the Tirzniecibas Canal, two industrial-type historic buildings are planned to be remodeled into a ‘Science, Exhibition and Recreation Center’.

ARHIS ARHITEKTI and the company H2E participated in the competition for the best architecture, interior and exhibition design proposal for the Center. They got the second place in the contest.

The conceptual proposal was oriented to the conservation of the historic heritage of the buildings while presenting a contemporary complex with a new function.

In front of the Tirzniecibas Canal a large glazed panel with an industrial silhouette embodies the entrance façade. It is completed with a large kinetic object that is put into motion by “green energy” from the so called Energy Tower that stands next to it. Another glazed section five-story high is oriented to the sea. It feels like the sea breeze reaches the glass and opens the view along all the levels of the building. The impressive glazed panels display the open, democratic and public character of the edifice. The other facades preserve their wall core’s historic characteristics and will stay original.

The interior design concept of the building pretends to define clearly each theme’s perimeter with a simple, colorful design that gives the visitor the impression that science and technology are accessible and open to everybody.

The designed volumes guarantee a proper environment for experimentation, applied science and interactive communication process.



Project authors:

Arnis Kleinbergs - Architect

Janis Zvejnieks - Architect

Donna Bormane - Designer

Ivo Dzenis - Architect

Anita Snitko - Architect

Simona Ozola –Architecture technician




Inguna Elere- Designer

Tatjana Raicineca – Designer

Girts Arajs – Designer

Anete salma – Designer

Ineta Zelca – Designer


Zala Landscape Architects:

Linda Zala – Landscape Architect

Madara Lezdina – Landscape Architect.