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Since  year 1842 until the first independent states' rural reform the manor complex Rencenmuiza was owned by baron fon Kriegsmann family. Historical manor complex was shaped with an innovative approach of those times, considering that manor is self-sufficient and provides all the necessary. Until the beginning of 20th century manor complex included about 30 different buildings, eg. the ''New mansion'', the old manors' house, janitors' house, house for servants, distillery, dairy, cowshed ect.

At the time when park with its 5 interconected pond system shaped, in 1886, the ''New mansion''  of Rencenmuiza manor complex was built.

Reconstruction intended object -  ''New mansion” building - is designed in typical style of Renaissance villa architecture. It is an architectural monument of local municipality as well as state.

The purpose of reconstruction is to preserve historical substance of building and renew it's initial function  - residential building, improving it with functions necessary nowadays.

Several other works for buildings in complex as well as garden are started up and continues in order to restore whole Rencenmuiza manor complex.

Authors: A.Kronbergs, A.Šnitko, R.Austriņa, L.Kreislere; Visualizations: K.Šulcs