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The spatial and artistic idea is based on assumption that under the ground there still exist the historic construction of building's ground floor thus its planning and spatial structure could become the base for the new structure in the solution of building plan, construction dimensions and facade forming principle.
Foundation of facade architecture is based on historical building plan and proportion system. Facade towards Grēcinieku Street forms a grid-shaped structure with inwards placed facade planes. Facade towards Svaru Street is dominated by roof constructions that diversify light output opportunities and fills up the grid system. The building sketch for public and living house in Riga, Gēcinieku Street 25 is created in compliance with the requirements of Riga historical centre building regulations.

Competition project arch.: A. Kronbergs, R. Saulītis, D. Grāvere
Arch. techn.: K. Šulcs, U. Jaunsubrēns, E. Miķelsons, J. Vizulis,
A. Grīnbergs, I. Brediks, A. Dzenis

Sketch project arch.: A. Kronbergs, B. Bula, arch. tech. M. Eisaka