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The project analyses possible development ideas for the block.

The proposed spatial composition is designed to complete the void spaces in the city’s silhouette maintaining the perimetric constructions’s character. Taking in consideration the guidelines of the development plans, three unconventional crossing passages connect the block through the unbuilt zone and two existing wooden buildings. These pathways humanize the place and create unique spatial architectonic answers.

This way, the integrated, unique character typical of the historical center of the city is given to the block.

The building on 13 E.B.Upisa St. is a modern construction with new materials and up to date architecture that blocks the neighboring constructions keeping the surrounding buildings’ heights and proportions.

On the ground floor commercial areas are distributed continuing with the Upisa passageway.

The composition of the building is oriented to the highlight the central, clean and void area.


Architects: A. Kronbergs, D. Gravere, R. Saulitis

Collaborating architects: A. Snitko, A. Janelis

3D Images: K. Sulcs

Technical architects: U. Jaunsubrens, E. Mikelsons, A. Alksnins, K. Saltups, A. Dzenis